8 valve stronger valve spring set 46kg

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Simple, hard valve springs for the Volvo B23 and B230 (8v)

Original valve retainers can be used.
But we also have tiles to change the height of the effort

Input pressure with original seats (38.5mm): 46kg
Intrusion pressure with 39mm valve plate: 44.5kg

Press at spring length 26mm = 89kg
Press at spring length 24mm = 96kg

Adittional info:

The spring is at about 22mm closed  length. You should have at least 1.5mm margin

Be aware of:
There are two different versions of original valve spring and retainers on volvo 8V
Std size as we have here and smaller ones as per the 16v engine, if you have the smaller springs you will need to change the retainers

Kit supplied as a set of 8 valves