B23/230 stage 5 camshaft Motorsport NA or Full Race Turbo


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Stage 5 turbo T5 suitable for various types of motorsport such as Rally, Racing, etc. Also applies to Turbo engines intended for sustained high RPM.
The camshafts are ground on the new Volvo Blanks
(We do not need any old camshaft in return - this is not a regrind)
Opening Duration 300 degrees
cam lift 12.9mm
Lobe center line angle 108 degrees
TDC lifting about 4.5mm.
Valve clearance 0.35 mm
Lash cap required: Yes; 4mm thick is recommended
TDC lift is specified with the valve clearance and is set as follows. Set engine piston top position (TDC) (exhaust is about to close and the intake is opening) .Inlet valve will then open the specified value.
The value may be slightly adjusted after a test run for the best results. Adjustable cam gear facilitates the optimization of this