BMW ZF gs6-37dz 6 speed manual gearbox to whiteblock

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Very popular 6 speed BMW gearbox conversion for whiteblock engines (T5 960 etc)

Some information when converting to ZF  gs6-37dz in a volvo 240 / 740 / 940 
These are welded with the biggest covers avalible so you can use 765 pressure plate. 
These gearboxes are recommended to power levels 600whp and a bit more. 
Recommended final gear ratio 3.15 to 3.45. 
(6th gear is a overdrive gear. 5 is 1:1 ) 
*This is not a "direct bolt on" solution, don't plan this swap to be as quick as m47 to m90 or similar. Allow it to take some time... 
*you might need to adjust the length of the front propshaft depending what gearbox you have now. (measure your current vs new gearbox length ) propshaft has same bolt pattern as gearbox. 
* Use bmw oil, go to your bmw dealer and let them know you have "yellow" sticker on your gearbox, they should know what you need. Use other brands at your own risk, they work too and can make them shift faster and smoother but will cost you synchroes. 
*You will need to modify your current gearbox mount or buy a aftermarket. 
a 740/940 mount is easy to modify by mounting 2 universal rubber mounts and by drilling large holes in bottom and simple welding.. but there is no bolt on solution with original parts. 
*You need to modify / change the hose to the clutch cylinder 
* you will need to make a custom gear linkage  
*the transmission WILL make some noise on idle and overrun, why ? because bmw has a heavy double-mass flywheel that will dampen a lot of the noise. Do not even consider running a double mass when running high power..... so you just have to cope with the race car noise. 
recommended flywheel the TTV 707 pattern or 765 patter
A double mass will not work (not enough space) 
* when you first time mount the gearbox, make SURE you have a support bearing in the crank! this is absolute crucial... 
m90 equipped cars does not have this by standard! 
For b230 and older T5 you will need a bearing with outside dia 35 
inside 15, and thickness 11mm 
This is a standard bearing item and can be found in many places 
When you have the clutch and gearbox up against the engine, here is advice, 
* Bolt the gearbox with only 4-5 screws..  
Bleed the clutch, get a friend inside car and put gear in 1 or 2nd gear
Now get your friend to press clutch while  you try to turn the gearbox underneath the car 
It should release and you should be able to turn it. 
MAKE SURE! you have some play in the clutch fork, you don't want to have pressure on the clutch bearing whole time. 
* in some cases the clutch can even push too far (you need a pedal stopper) 
* You might have air in the system 
* You might have a soft rubber hose to your clutch (flexing) 
* The clutch fork might be in a bad angle (you need to shim in behind the pivot or behind release bearing)  
* you could try lengthen the pushrod in the cylinder , but be aware to not make it too long. 
* If your release bearing don't have any play with the fork you need to modify the clutch (rarely needed). by moving the bearing a bit further back.  
By mounting it temporary you will not need to do a lot of work again to get the gearbox down if something needs to be modified / changed ... 
It does suck to have the car down on ground and clutch is not releasing... 
---You might feel like this is a big process but everyone goes trough it, and just work carefully and do not rush and its not a big job. 
After this you will have a strong and fast 6speed volvo. 
*Pressure plate opinions 
765, strongest but a heavy item. will make changing gear a bit slower and pedal is usually very close to the floor when changing. 
717 still very strong but softer pedal