Gripper Limited Slip differential Amazon 1800 10 spline axle

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Volvo Amazon and 1800 Rally Specification Gripper Diff (Type 1030 / 1031)

Volvo Amazon 120 122 etc and 1800 10 spine Spicer axle

This Gripper diff fits axles with 10 spline half shafts.

Gripper Multi-Plate Race Spec Differentials

The Gripper Limited Slip Differential uses a multi-plate design which, when it detects a difference in wheels speed across the driven axle, locks the driveshafts together increasing traction. This increase in traction equates to faster launches and increased corner exit speeds as the wheels are no longer spinning as they would with an open diff. Torque is equalised across the driven wheels sending drive torque to both whereas an open diff will send the torque to the spinning wheel wasting drive in tyre smoke! Understeer and oversteer characteristics are controlled and your car laps faster as a result. 

For a more detailed explanation on how a multi-plate limited slip differential works, please click the following link

Gripper Race Diffs: Free Tailored Set Up

custom setups available - please ask



Gripper LSD units are supplied with an industry leading

no-quibble   Life-Time Warranty.


Should any product fail prematurely it must be returned (carriage paid) to our factory in the UK for inspection.   We will repair and/or replace any item that is required.

As is normal with such warranty terms:- the above warranty excludes all consumable service parts, such as the Clutch Plates.