M45 M46 & M47 B200 B230 TTV Flywheel with 240mm clutch 580nm

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Volvo Redblock (B19/21/23 B200/230 ) TTV light flywheel with 240mm clutch for use with M45, M46 and M47 Gearbox 22 spline

Flywheel CNC machined from forged chrome moly steel, dynamically balanced and incorporate an integral ring gear for high RPM safety

Supplied with 240mm clutch for extra torque capability.
Kit includes
Flywheel 240mm with 60-2 trigger pattern (LH2.4)
240mm high clamping force Audi bolt pattern cover plate (same pattern as sachs 707)
240mm 22 spline  organic friction plate (for M45,M46+M47 gearbox)
(rated for upto 580nm Maximum torque) - The gearbox will break before this clutch does
Flywheel weight: 5.6 Kg

For bolts

The flywheel is suitable for LH2.4 or distributor ignition - Not suitable for Renix 20-2-20-2 ignition