Nivomat rear damper 960mk2 inc S/V90 Genuine Volvo part

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The "Nivomat" automatic level control by ZF Sachs consists of level regulating, hydropneumatic units with shock absorber function on the rear axle, which ensure an optimum vehicle level, more safety, less fuel consumption, and greater driving comfort.

The Nivomat counteracts the negative effects of vehicle loading and trailer operation by always automatically setting the ideal vehicle height on the rear axle. The system replaces conventional shock absorbers and uses the energy generated by the relative movement between the wheel and the vehicle body.

Originally, most960 - S/V90 were equipped with these automatic shock absorbers. The dampers automatically adjust the strength according to the load.

There is only warranty when the Ride height adjusters have been renewed in pairs and together and ideally a new spring.

Shock absorbers have always to be changed in pairs for each axle! Only replacing both shock absorbers ensures safe and problem free suspension functionality. Ensure you purchase 2 pcs