stage2 Whiteblock TTV light flywheel with 240mm clutch kit Audi Cover pattern

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Volvo whiteblock Light with 240mm Clutch for use with M90 and M56 Gearbox (20 pline)

CNC machined from forged chrome moly steel, dynamically balanced and incorporate an integral ring gear for high RPM safety
Flywheel is drilled to accept Audi 240mm clutch covers like the 707

Supplied with 240mm clutch for extra torque capability.
Kit includes
240mm Strengthened higher clamping force Audi pressure plate
240mm 20 spline Sachs (Volvo) friction plate

Torque capacity approx 540nm

The M90 pivot ball needs to be spaced out by about 5mm or use our extended pivot ball. When used in RWD aplications