Steering wheel Boss 140 73- 164 73- 240 75 only

  • Brand: Luisi
  • SKU: P7705
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Steering wheel hub from Italian Luisi

142,144, 145 73-
164 73-
240, 260 -75

The steering wheel hub has two bolt circles, which cover most of the steering wheels available on the market:
Ø74 PCD Luisi, RAID, Tazio, Nardi, etc
Ø70 PCD Momo, Sparco, OMP etc

The steering wheel hub is delivered with a screw set of 6 screws
Slip ring /indicator return must be moved from the original steering wheel to the hub.

Oem: P7705, 727705
Shaft diameter: 18.9mm
Splines: 48pcs
Total length: 146mm
Built from instrument panel: 45mm