Thottle housing TPS adaptor

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Adapter for throttle position sensor for our 70, 80, 90 And 100 mm Billet throttle housing
You unscrew the original ring on the throttle housing and mount this adapter instead

Then you can use the following throttle position sensor / Tps sensors:

740/940, we have based on this Bosch number 0280120325
850 / V70, we have based on this Boschnumber 0280122001

There is also space on the plate to make brackets for some other sensors

Remember that in some cases you have to trim the throttle shaft 0.1mm (1/10) exactly where the sensor should sit because the shaft is 7.1mm and many sensors are designed for a 7.0mm shaft (sometimes you can press on
, but you risk breaking the throttle position sensor in  doing so