Wasted spark conversion with launch control Fitted

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Wasted Spark Volvo B2** 8V kit: - with launch control
EZ116K Wasted Spark modification fitted. Either send in your EZK in advance or deposit core unit you will also need to order the fitted daughterboard to make the EZK chippable
-Polyester sleeved wiring harness, plug and play with Volvo 200-700-900 series. (LH 2.4).
-Bosch 0221 503 407, 2x2 Motorsports Coilpack. -Topran 720 310 powerstage (2 channel).
-BTI (Coilpack / powerstage) bracket, on top of the Valve-cover. Made from Ansi 304 stainless steel. -Mounting hardware for bracket.
-BTI Aluminium Heatsink for Topran powerstage.
-Ignition lead kit, 8mm Double Silicone with carbon core,.
-Sparkplug kit, available heat range: NGK BP6ES / BP7ES / BP8ES.
-Volvo rubber seal-plug, for distrubitor hole. (Back of cylinder head)
-Mild steel safety bracket, for above listened Rubber seal. Inclusief 2 inbus (hex) fasteners.
-Elring Valve-cover gasket.