Wasted spark conversion with launch control self install

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Wasted Spark Volvo B2** 8V kit: - With Launch control
EZ116K Wasted Spark modification
-Polyester sleeved wiring harness, plug and play with Volvo 200-700-900 series. (LH 2.4).
-Bosch 0221 503 407, 2x2 Motorsports Coilpack. -Topran 720 310 powerstage (2 channel).
-BTI (Coilpack / powerstage) bracket, on top of the Valve-cover. Made from Ansi 304 stainless steel. -Mounting hardware for bracket.
-BTI Aluminium Heatsink for Topran powerstage.
-Ignition lead kit, 8mm Double Silicone with carbon core,.
-Sparkplug kit, available heat range: NGK BP6ES / BP7ES / BP8ES.
-Volvo rubber seal-plug, for distrubitor hole. (Back of cylinder head)
-Mild steel safety bracket, for above listened Rubber seal. Inclusief 2 inbus (hex) fasteners.
-Elring Valve-cover gasket.