Wasted Spark Kit for LH2.4 with launch control

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LH2.4 wasted spark board

With Launch Control Function

Board to convert LH2.4 to wasted spark

BTI Wasted Spark KIT:

What's Wasted Spark:

The Wasted Spark ignition principle become widely used in automotive applications. In a Wasted Spark ignition system the spark plug are fired in pairs, wherein the one cylinder is in compression stroke and the other in the exhaust stroke. The spark in the cylinder exhaust stroke has no effect and therefore wasted, hence the name Wasted-Spark. The design of a Wasted Spark system adopts mechanical components such as a road divider. Wear a dual ignition operation is negligible and is nothing compared to the recurring costs of a distributor + rotor and declining performance / flexibility of this engine! The loss of energy by the wasted spark ignition in the cylinder was not functioning is small. Think of a 2.5-3.0KV loss to the required 10KV + for the cylinder compression stroke for the actual work.

Benefits Wasted Spark:

-Stronger Spark, through the elimination of the distributor. In view of these sparkover need not be made anymore. Wasted spark coils are typically more powerful in terms of output than the original.
-More Ignition range, by removing the distributor. Think of advantages in adjustable camshaft sprockets.
-reducing Maintenance by removing the distributor cap and rotor.
-More Time to reload after an ignition time (Dwell) because now distributes the four ignition moments over two cores. This makes it possible to maintain stable ignition at high (er) RPMs.
-better Consumption. Best results are with LPG. Customer with an engine on LPG report an improvement of up to 10%
-Smoother Running of the engine. Especially at lower engine speeds, this is noticeable.
-Better starting.


You need to supply your own coil, HT leads and mounting brackets etc