Wllwood brake master cylinder

  • Brand: wilwood
  • SKU: 260-6764
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Size: *
  • 3/4 (19mm)
  • 7/8 (22mm) original size
  • 1inch (25mm)

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Improve safety with increased fluid capacity

Wilwood High Volume aluminium master cylinders represent the latest refinements in brake pressure actuation and fluid control.

Ideal upgrade for 120 and 1800 models

Each master cylinder is high pressure die-cast from high grade aluminium, fully machined, and assembled with exclusive features only available from Wilwood.

These master cylinders have the highest fluid capacity of any integral reservoir design. With a total capacity of 8.2 ounces, there is at least 26% more fluid than most competitive brands. More fluid volume means cooler temperatures and additional insurance for extreme conditions where high pad wear can compromise fluid levels during long events. With 1 7/16" of piston travel, there is plenty of margin when used with large four or six piston calipers.