Steel drive gear for crankshaft on B234 B204 and 16v conversion

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Steel drive with round gear for crankshaft on B234 B204 and 16v conversions. Can also be used for running a wider 24mm belt on a 8 valve engine

Newly manufactured / Custom made 5.7mm key Included with Right Length so that it fits 100% right in the crankshaft

The key is included as shown

When using the original vibration damper
You also have to grind off the plate between the drive and the pulley, so that the key goes freely there

Otherwise, we also have aluminum pulleys with 5.7mm wedge tracks

Width: 16V

NOTE: It is the right pitch on the teeth so that the cam belt is not worn, manufactured in Sweden to ensure quality.

There are "China" steel drives on the market with the wrong tooth profile, these wear out the cam belt at a few miles + that it is heavier to pull the pull around when the cam belt "sticks" into the drive

We also have Aluminium pulleys with three grooves of smaller diameter that fit the drive here: